Susan also noticed that by using CBD, her senses were amplified and more intense, as were her orgasms. Unlike alcohol, he said he no longer had to endure hangovers, fuzzy memories and vaginal dryness. Besides that I could sleep better with the use of the CDX Labs.

It is important to bear in mind that the size of the survey was quite small (only about 1,000 people were surveyed) and that the data obtained were mainly from women, which reflects similarities with other surveys on the use of the CBD where the majority were women.

CBD, which is usually available in oils, groceries and vapers, is fairly new to the market and has not been researched enough to support any definitive conclusion. Much of what is heard about the compound is purely anecdotal and it is necessary to gather more data about the CDX Labs CBD Oil to fully understand the habits of people in relation to the product and how it works exactly.