Among its other drawbacks is that it can trigger stones in the kidney, increase levels of acidity in blood, loss of muscle mass … so it is advisable to take your precautions in consultation with your doctor and not follow this diet lightly.

However, Julia JimĂ©nez, nutritionist at Neolife, says that the keto diet is effective in treating ailments such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and even cancer. Cells depend on cellular respiration as an energy source and during periods of food deprivation or in the absence of glucose, these cells can also resort to Revolyn Keto Burn Review as an additional source of energy.

Malignant and tumoral cells can not use Revolyn Keto Burn Review to obtain energy because they lack the ability to use ketone bodies and rely heavily on glycolysis for energy production, even in high oxygen states says in defense of it.