Undoubtedly, in a Lifestile report it is a scenario that has to be a protagonist more. It has to contribute to the story. Undoubtedly, within this fashion photographer Hong Kong style, one could question that scenarios other than the home itself or even the work center can be counted as part of the lifestyle.

We can question whether a park, a city or a natural place, for example, are common scenarios in the lives of the protagonists, or are simply cool locations to carry out a photography session.

In this section I speak again from only my point of view, without intending to try to dictate what is right and what is not. But from my point of view, if the reportage is made outdoors, the chosen site has to be an important part of people’s lives. We do not necessarily have to choose a place where you are every day, but one that has to do with your lifestyle, hobbies, hobbies and tastes. That is, talk about their way of seeing life.

Photography is light. Always keep in mind, for any type of image you want to compose. And in the Lifestyle style, although trying to capture life from a documentary point of view, light and composition is fundamental.

If the photograph is indoors, choose the lighting well, looking for naturalness. If it is abroad, consider the time of year and the times of day with more favorable light, such as sunrise or sunset. Even a challenge could be to make a session with the lights of the city, but always keep in mind the quality and quantity of light you need for your session.

Once we have a clear idea of the chosen place, whether inside or outside, we must raise together with the protagonists the situations, activities or simply games that we are going to carry out. From that moment we will let things happen and we will look for the moments that tell the story. The magic appears.